Other cool stuff

We organized the First International Meeting for Artificial Intelligence and its Applications in Mexico.

Last december we launched a website compiling the State of The Art in AI across many tasks, it has had more than 30,000 users

I got a honorable mention at the International Mathematics Olympiad  

 I organized a fund for student organizations at my university, ITAM. FOE still has more than 30 intramural organizations

I represented Mexico in the Beijing International Sudoku Tournament in 2011 

Sometimes I play poker, tournaments I've played: LAPT Brazil, LAPT Colombia, UKPIT London, WSPC Los Angeles.
With friends, we created a pokerbot using Deep Reinforcement Learning for the MIT Pokerbot Competition (funny strategy report). 

I like soccer and am the captain of FuerzaMexico at MIT Intramurals. We were League A champions in Fall2017